Llyn Du Bach

LocationSH657341 ? (Area map showing location.)
Owners 1890–1892 Welsh Manganese Co. Ltd
1893–1895 Alfred Ferguson
1894–1897 Ellis Pritchard
Production and Employment Although the Home Office list of mines shows output for this mine 1890–1897, this is probably output from Llyn Eiddew Mawr [Dewey & Bromehead 1915: 53]
TransportCart track to Eisingrug. It has been suggested that during the First World War a motor lorry made a daily journey (taking the whole day for the round trip) from Talsarnau station to Llyn Dywarchen and/or this mine in their last days of working [Ruston 2000].
RemainsShallow workings to north east of Llyn Du Bach. Deeply undercut opencast, collapsed in places, to north west of Llyn Du Bach. Small shelter with stone roof in workings at SH65803406. All remains adjacent to track. The track follows the ore bed outcrop closely with a steeper section to regain the bed on the upthrow side of a small fault [Mason 2005]. (December 2003)

graphic: plan

* listed also as 1,145 tons, possibly in error for Llyn Dywarchen.

photo: surface working
Photograph John Ruston 2000
   Surface working and track

Track near the older workings cut into cliff level with the base of the manganese bed and undercut rocks where the manganese has been worked.