Cell Fawr

Alternative nameCel Fawr
LocationSH615177 (approximate boundary with Hafotty mine) – SH615168 (approximate boundary with Cell Fechan mine). (Area map showing location.)
Owners 1891–1894  Dyffryn Mining Co. Ltd
1891–1893  H J Wright
1894  J W Macqueen
Production and Employment

underground surface
1891 65262
1892 30244
TransportThere was a tramway connection from the levels to the head of the Hafotty incline. [OS 6" Merionethshire sheet XXXVI.NW Surveyed: 1887, Published: 1888 map.]
RemainsAn intermittent series of shallow depressions and grassed-over waste tips, continuing northwards as Hafotty mine and southwards as Cell Fechan mine. Small underground working approximately 2 m x 4 m at SH616172 with pack walls and wooden props. Worked out chamber at SH615169. (March 2002)
AccessMost remains are close to, and accessible from, Public Rights of Way.

graphic: plan Working was probably limited by the poor access to this part of the outcrop and the instability of the company [Down 1980: 43].

photo: workings
Photograph © Crown Copyright: RCAHMW

Aerial view looking north. The remains of the workings are the clearly visible trenches running up the centre of the picture.

In the foreground (from bottom to aproximately centre of picture) are the Cell Fawr workings. Hafotty continues northwards from these and in the distance beyond can be seen the Egryn workings.

photo: workings   Workings

Looking south from SH616186 across part of Cell Fawr workings.

Note tips to right of workings and on skyline.