Alternative namesCoed ?
Lletty Walter ?
LocationSH604282 ?
Owner 1886–1887 Dyffryn Mining Co. agent H S Lancaster
Production and Employment

underground surface

graphic: plan Coed Dolbebin Lletty Walter

Possibly the riverside part of Lletty Walter mine [Down 1980: 32]. The plan of abandonment dated 1st January 1887 [GAS DAO: 2301] does not show surface features or orientation and the location cannot be identified from it. The grid reference given by both Down and [GAT SMR: 20622] indicates a location 100m or so due north of Coed mine.

As stated above, the abandonment plan is dated 1st January 1987 but it shows workings to March of that year and has pencil marks that suggest that a larger area was perhaps under consideration for development.

Halse’s map of 1887 [Halse 1887: pl XVI] implies that Artro is synonymous with Coed.

The modern 1:25,000 OS map [OS 2000] shows a wood named Coed Lletywalter at SH598277 which might have been the origin of these names.

Halse [1887: 108] gives a cost of cartage of 2s 9d (14p) per ton with the ore worth 16s (80p) per ton at Llanbedr station.

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The plan right is incorrect in that the alignment of the Dolbebin mine workings and track that descend to the river is approximately N.N.E. - S.S.W. rather than as shown currently. A corrected plan will be shown in due course.