Fron Feuno

Alternative nameBala?
Llan y Cil?
LocationSH91303542SH91383548 (Area map showing location.)
Production and Employment
RemainsSurface workings along foot of small scarp for aproximately 100 m. Small amount of walled-up waste at one point. Small tip, perhaps from a now run-in mineral trial and possibly unrelated to the manganese working, at SH91453511. (August 2003)

Although the Arenig manganese deposits are generally described as being infillings in joints and faults in the rocks forming veins similar to those found with other metalliferous ores (see Geology), this deposit appears to have been a bedded deposit similar to those found in the Harlech Dome area.
photo: surface working   Surface working on outcrop

Part of the surface working along the outcrop.

photo: surface working   Surface working on outcrop

Further along the same outcrop.