Ffridd Llwyn Gurfal

LocationSH61143088 [Allen & Jackson 1985b: 79] (Area map showing location.)
Production and Employment
RemainsThere are a number of small outcrops at this site that possibly show signs of manganese, the most notable being one imediately adjacent to the road at SH61033086. However, there is no sign of there having been mining activity at this site. There is also a very short (< 2m) trial at SH60993083 but this was probably for metals and is not thought to be connected with manganese working. (September 2006)

Mentioned by Dewey and Dines [1923: 61]. The location is in the Gamlan rather than the Hafotty formation.

[GAT SMR: 21791] gives a location of SH614308 for this site, but there is no obvious sign of mining activity there and the grid reference is probably a transcription error from that given by Allen and Jackson [1985b: 79].