New Diphwys

Alternative nameDiffwys newydd
LocationSH667225 (Area map showing location.)
GeologyThe bed trends in a northerly direction towards Llyn Dulyn and dips at 50° W. Its thickness is .33–.38 m and it contains 30–34% manganese [Dewey & Dines 1923: 68].
Production and Employment
Owners1918 Andrew Anderson agent C Roberts
TransportTrack to Bont-ddu from where ore is transported by motor lorry to Penmaenpool station [Dewey & Dines 1923: 68].
RemainsOpencut workings along the outcrop on west side of track which runs parallel to the workings. Small hole in opencut at SH66862237 gives view into underground workings of perhaps 5 m depth down dip with timber props visible. Some of the opencut workings have pillars of rock left to support the head wall. On east side of track are what appear to be run-in adits that may have communicated with the underground workings; these have small tips associated with them. Smithy at SH66862230. (March 2004)

graphic: plan

The 1918 mineral records have an entry for “Votty & Diphys” owned by Andrew Anderson agent C Roberts which was presumably this mine and Votty being worked as a single enterprise. (See Votty for the manpower return for Votty & Diphys for that year.)

The mine was described as “active” in 1923 [Dewey & Dines 1923: 68].