Cefn Trevor Bach

LocationSH626359 ?
Production and Employment
OwnersShort & Co. 1869–1871
RemainsPossible manganese mining remains of back-filled or run-in workings and blue stone waste at SH62453582 and SH62603593, all overgrown by brambles. Three levels, probably unrelated to manganese, just above river level. The southernmost level is about 5 m long and was probably just a trial as there has been no development. This is probably the case with the other two levels as there are no significant tips associated with them. (March 2004)

Manganese and copper mine [GAT SMR: 20663].

The 1887 6" map [OS 1st edn: XIX NW] shows the levels but not the presumed manganese workings.

Down gives a location of SH627365 for Cefn Trevor Bach [1980: 63], however, there is nothing visible on the ground at this location. (Neither this location or the location shown at the top of the page agree with that shown on Down’s [1980: 27] map of the Harlech Dome area which indicates something near SH624370.) The place name Cefn Trevor Bach has not been identified, however, there is a farm Cefn Trefor Fawr at SH62043614.

Wilkinson identifies this sett variously as Glan yr Afon Glyn mine [Wilkinson 2003: 14738, 14739], Talsarnau copper mine [Wilkinson 2003: 12460] and Talarora coper mine [Wilkinson 2003: 12470].