Capel Engedi

Alternative names
LocationSH590310 (Area map showing location.)
Production and Employment
RemainsBlocked adit, tip and possible masonry-faced loading bank at SH59023094, possible shaft (blocked) at SH59043100 and two small areas of ground disturbance which may have been very limited extent surface workings or trials at SH59003100. (April 2003)

[GAT SMR: 20506]

The location is near Rhyd Galed and it is possible they were part of the same undertaking.

photo: blocked adit   Blocked adit

Blocked adit at SH59023094.

photo: loading bank   Loading bank

Presumed loading bank at SH59023094.

The loading bank is aligned with the adit entrance. The floor of the adit cutting, the top surface of the tip and the top of the loading bank are all at aproximately the same level. However, the tip does not extend as far as the loading bank so there may have been a bridge between the tip and the loading bank.