Gazetteer and Bibliography of the
Mines and Quarries of Wales

Change Log

27 April 2024 Added facility to offer possible similar spellings when a site name is not recognised.
11 February 2024 Added facility to use what3words when searching for sites within a given distance of a place.
31 January 2024 Added display of list of possibly similar names when no matching site names are found.
2 October 2023 Biliographical information from Jones & Frost’s Powys Metal Mines Ground Survey, Foster-Smith’s The Mines of Montgomery & Radnorshire and David Bick’s Waller’s Description of the Mines in Cardiganshire and Lewis Morris and the Cardiganshire Mines added. Minor change to output format to reduce clutter when displaying alternative names.
11 August 2023 Some biliographical information from David Bick’s The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales and George Hall’s Metal Mines of Southern Wales for sites in south and mid-Wales added. Minor code changes to improve automatic generation of cross-references between sites. Pre-1974 south and mid-Wales county names added to site search county menu.
8 July 2023 GB1900 Gazetteer mine and quarry site data for south and mid-Wales added. Note that this displays the GB1900 Gazetteer data latitude/logitude locations as 6-figure national grid references and the limitations of this data discussed in Gazetteer Data should be noted.
2 July 2023 Site search UI enhancement: place latitude and longitude can now be specified as degrees N and W e.g. 51.5912° N, 3.3013° W (order of N and W degree values is not significant and degree symbol and spaces may be omitted) as well as latitude, longitude numeric format e.g. 51.5912, -3.3013
24 June 2023 Zoom Earth link removed from site Gazetteer entries following removal of aerial photography on that website.
7 January 2023 Site gazetteer entries enhanced to show latitude and logitude of site in addition to Ordnance Survey grid reference.
26 October 2022 Additional information added to ‘List of Mines’ page to include other sources of public record and page retitled as Public Record Sources.
24 July 2022 Facility added to site gazetteer entry display to optionally show the related site gazetteer entries that provide additional bibliographical information.
14 June 2022 Additional introductory text and map of gazetteer area added to Gazetteer front page. README file updated to account for additional files in info directory.
11 April 2022 Unnamed shafts and levels close to and possibly associated with named mines or quarries (and vice versa) added to site gazetteer display.
7 November 2021 Occupation and residence or work addresses of company subscribers, share holders or directors transcribed from Wilkinson’s handwritten notes added to appear in gazetteer entries for limited companies and individuals. Minor code changes made to implement this.
1 October 2021 Limited company objects and registered address information added for companies beginning N–Z.
24 September 2021 Authorisation method for obtaining OS map tiles for use in the map display changed to OAuth 2. Minor code changes to server scripts to improve security.
6 September 2021 Individual and company names are only shown as links if further information is available. (This is a generalisation of the policy described in change log entry 30 July 2021.)
1 September 2021 Minor change to person name search coding so that an attempt is made to match a name with initials to a full name on file e.g. a search for “Wright, H J” will match “Wright, Harry Johnson”. Limited company objects and registered address information added for companies beginning M–S.
5 August 2021 Minor change to display of individuals and companies so that those with the same name (disregarding honorifics etc.) are displayed in order sorted by year of first role or grant (whichever occurs first).
30 July 2021 Minor change to display of limited company shareholders, directors etc. so that if a person does not have any other role and is not the holder of a Crown grant then the name is not shown as a link to indicate no further information available. ‘Grant holder’ added to menu of roles that can be searched for.
22 May 2021 Locations of some manganese mines in Cwm Mynach amended and Votty manganese mine added following problem report. Bug in display of Crown Grants associated with named sites fixed. Minor improvements to name searches to cater for variations in spelling of some site and entity names. Server code simplifications to improve maintainability and reduce code size with consequential minor improvement to run time performance and reduction in memory requirement. (However, the main limits on performance are download speed and browser capability; so although the improvements reduce the load on the server they are unlikely to be noticeable by the user.)
26 April 2021 Joint stock company dates of registration added and consequential code changes made to display them. Changes to Individuals and Companies data to aid maintainability. Minor changes to the ‘Search Individuals and Companies’ ‘for’ menu to better reflect data organisation. Grid references added for some previously un-located sites, minor corrections to data and minor bug fixes.
15 April 2021 Limited company objects and registered address information added for companies beginning D–L.
19 February 2021 Limited company objects and registered address information added for companies beginning A–C. Facility to annotate specific role records (e.g. to clarify purpose of role) added.
22 December 2020 Facility to show company registered address added.
14 December 2020 Transfer of North Wales Mining History website server to new Internet Service Provider. This change should not affect users, however users may need to clear their browser cache to ensure correct operation with the new host.
3 October 2020 Facility to show limited company main objects clause added. Formatting change to display of limited company principals to make better use of display area.
14 September 2020 Map display reimplemented to use Ordnance Survey’s Data Hub map service and the Leaflet open-source JavaScript library. (This follows the announcement of the withdrawal of Ordnance Survey’s OpenSpace product in 2021.) As a consequence of these changes the maximum map zoom level has been increased and the map can now be viewed using 1:25,000 mapping. Minor UI changes (including a change from bit-mapped map markers to SVG), code reorganisations and simplifications and minor bug fixes have been made. Some additional non-extractive sites have been added and minor corrections and other additions to site data have been made.
14 July 2020 GB1900 sites have been reconciled with existing data where possible. Additional limited company details have been added from Board of Trade records.
26 May 2020 Search user interface, server CGI scripts, main data files and translation files moved to separate directories to aid system maintenance (no changes to functionality). A redirection page has been provided to replace the search landing page which has been moved by the file reorganisation. Postcode searches improved to allow full postcode to be used (previously only outward code part of postcode could be used). Facility added to allow search locations to be specified by latitude/longitude. Information about data aspects of the system and a READ ME file covering technical aspects made public with links from the Wilkinson home page.
4 May 2020 Cross-browser support improved: the user interface now provides uniform functionality across Apple Macintosh versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari.
26 April 2020 Further user interface changes. The ‘nothing found’ messages have been expanded to reflect the current query. The map display of site locations will now automatically pan and, if necessary, zoom out to ensure that all found locations are visible in the map window. ‘Nothing found’ messages in map view now display on the map. The ‘display as map’ menu choice is now disabled until the OS OpenSpace map API is loaded. (The OS OpenSpace map API is slow to load if it is not available in cache, so it is loaded after the site search page is displayed to the user. Previously, if the map view was selected before the API was loaded the change of view would fail silently.) Further code reorganisations and simplifications and minor bug fixes.
19 April 2020 User interface code reorganisations and simplifications to improve performance and aid maintainability (no changes to functionality). Minor inconsistencies corrected in query fields for persons, companies and organisations search. Minor bug fixes.
26 August 2019 Approximately 1,000 site entries from the GB1900 Gazetteer Project (the Great Britain Historical GIS Project) added. (See Copyright and Acknowledgements for more information.) At present only sites that are more than 1 km from existing gazetteer entries have been added; more entries from this data source will be made as and when they can be reconciled with existing neighbouring gazetteer entries.
27 July 2019 References from J R Foster-Smith’s The Non-Ferrous Mines of Flintshire (NCMRS Occasional Publication 7) 1974 and additional references and links to CPAT Clwyd-Powys Metal Mines Survey added. Minor additions and corrections to data. Minor changes to output formating of references to improve readabilty.
14 July 2019 References from J R Foster-Smith’s The Non-Ferrous Mines of Denbighshire (NCMRS Occasional Publication 5) 1972 added. Minor additions and corrections to data.
28 June 2019 Caernarfonshire references from J R Foster-Smith’s The Mines of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire (British Mining 4) 1977 added. Minor additions and corrections to data.
6 June 2019 Anglesey references from J R Foster-Smith’s The Mines of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire (British Mining 4) 1977 and Tony Oldhams’s The Caves and Mines of Anglesey 2006 added. Minor additions and corrections to data. Minor changes to some output formats to improve readabilty. Minor bug fixes.
2 February 2019 References from J R Foster-Smith’s The Mines of Merioneth (British Mining 6), 1977 and other sources added. Minor additions and corrections to data. Minor changes to some output formats to improve readabilty. Code simplifications and bug fixes.
2 December 2017 Map view retains state when switching to/from list or gazetteer view when location unchanged. Graig Ddu slate works and unnamed slate works at Tabernacle, Blaenau Ffestiniog added.
11 October 2017 Trials, un-named shafts, quarries etc. now shown with small icon on map view. Various additions and amendments to coal mines in Denbighshire. Some duplications, inconsistencies and errors in data removed.
9 August 2015 References to OS six-inch maps link to an image of the appropriate map (National Library of Scotland website). Some new person names added from BT 31 records. Some inconsistencies and errors in data removed. Entity file data reorganisation to improve maintainability. Code simplifications and bug fixes. Minor UI improvements with regard to drop-down menu choices.
1 February 2015 Some inconsistencies and errors in data removed. Code simplifications and bug fixes.
28 December 2013 Cross-reference handling enhanced so that links only shown if they lead to additional information.
25 December 2013 Improvements to formatting and appearance of results, code simplifications and enhancements to improve data maintainability, minor bug fix, duplicate entries and some errors removed from data.
7 April 2012 Minor enhancements to map display to improve usability, bug fixes.
22 August 2011 Interactive map display of mine locations added and other user interface changes to improve usability. A number of Denbighshire and Flintshire coal mines added.
19 August 2011 Correction of location of Nantyrdramis slate quarry.
23 May 2010 Hendre spar mine and Cilcen Lime Spar Co Ltd added.
30 April 2010 Correction of location of Cefndeuddwr.
15 December 2009 Additional information for Deer Park, Flagstaff and Dinmor quarries, Anglesey.
8 March 2009 Grid reference for Bethesda corrected. (Thanks to Gwyn Jones for problem report.)
26 December 2008 Minor quarry workings at SH61421667 and SH62221702 (Llanaber, Merioneth) added.
23 September 2008 Facility to display employment and production figures (where available) added. (Note: at present very few mines have this data recorded here.)
13 July 2008 Wimpey Quarry (Flintshire) added.
24 January 2008 Abeidinant, Angelog, Bultyslum, Cwmbach, Cwmmachne, Dinant, Droscull, Helenslwyd, Heworth Tantham, Talmigna, Tanygarreg and Ustrad, Tymawr mines added (see Bick, The Old Copper Mines of Snowdonia p. 8).
23 January 2008 Glyn Aber a.k.a. Rhiwbach drainage added added. Grid reference for Croesor quarry corrected. Notes added to Braichgoch and Gaewern, Croesor and Rhosydd and Cwmorthin and Oakeley to show underground connections. Mine search results notes – minor bug fixes.
21 January 2008 Black Park and Brynkinalt collieries, Tref-y-nant fireclay pit and Wynnstay quarry added.
3 July 2007 Mine search results references reformatted to be more readable and to use less space on screen. Sorting of references improved.
12 March 2007 Llangynhafal roadstone quarry added.
30 January 2007 Downloadable files removed because of problem of keeping them in sync with database. Search modified so that a search for lead will find lead, lead/silver, lead/zinc etc. Links to mine pages in CPAT Clwyd-Powys Metal Mines Survey added for Clwyd mines A–B. Asbestos level at SH559478 added. Trial level at SH687174 added.
23 December 2006 Grid reference for Nant Uchaf iron mine near Abergele added.
9 September 2006 Trial at SH609308 near Ffridd Llwyn Gurfal added.
29 August 2006 Gravel pit at SH587314 near Harlech added.
15 August 2006 Berwyn Phosphate mine added.
10 June 2005 Abergele Copper & Silver Ore Co Ltd, Abergele Copper Ore Co Ltd and Abergele Hoematite Co Ltd added.
31 May 2005 Halkyn United Mining Co and Lady Ann Silver Lead Mining Co Ltd added.
8 May 2005 On-line search facilities added.
2 May 2005 Parish CELYNIN removed from list of parishes. Celynin iron mine and Celynin slate quarry (both in ‘Celynin’rsquo; parish, Merioneth) changed to Llangelynin parish and note added for original parish record. Tal y fan quarry grid reference amended from SH744730 to accord with map evidence. New mine entry for level at SH744730. New mine entry for BAILEY HILL COLLIERY, MOLD.
15 October 2004 Entity listing modified so that company roles (e.g. Shareholder) now show the company (rather than mine) name. Mine listing modified so that company roles are not shown. Boston Lodge mine and Ynys Galch ironworks added. Spelling Tynycaeu mine corrected to Tyn y caeau and references added.
28 September 2004 PRO BT31 reference added for Australasian Alkaline Reduction & Smelting Syndicate Ltd. Entry for Point of Ayr colliery added. Cwt y Bugail added as alternative name for Manod Quarry.
22 July 2004 PRO and other references added.
18 June 2004 Corrections to listing of company year of incorporation and last year. Some additional references for Flintshire lead mines added.
7 June 2004 Corrections to 100km grid square prefix letters for mines in SJ and SN grid squares.
30 May 2004   Cross references between all mines and quarries at same location added.
2003   Initial version of system put on public server.

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